Senior School


Senior School Uniform


     Blazer with College logo
     Charcoal grey trousers
     Mid-grey pullover (with College logo)
     School Tie
     White shirt
     Grey socks/black socks
     Black shoes

Extras: dark, single-coloured anorak/overcoat
              rucksack to carry resources


     Fitted jacket with College logo
     Mid-grey kilt skirt (College design only from suppliers) [knee-length compulsory]
     Mid-grey pullover (with College logo)
     Striped revere blouse long sleeved – short-sleeved version available for summer 
     Black tights (Autumn & Spring Terms) white ankle socks or flesh coloured tights (Summer Term only)
     Black, flat-heeled shoes only

Extras: dark single-coloured anorak/overcoat
              rucksack to carry resources

General: Jewellery, nail varnish, make-up and "extreme" styles of dress are not allowed. Hair styles should be conventional. A single ear stud is allowed for girls only. No jewellery for boys is allowed.




Studded boots
Shin pads
Games sock (long)
Blue Rugby shirt
Games polo (white)
Tracksuit with College logo
Blue shorts
Optional: hoodie and base layer
Swimming trunks



Astro trainers
Shin pads
Games socks (navy)
Games polo (white)
Navy skort
Tracksuit with College logo
Optional: hoodie/base layer
Swimming costume

Hockey stick/tennis racquet – purchase optional. If a regular team player, these items should be purchased.

Gum shields for boys and girls must be worn for Rugby and Hockey and in accordance with relevant Sports Association guidance.

A large games bag should be provided to hold games kit and shoes. An extra plastic bag will be needed for swimming kit and dirty hockey/rugby boots etc.

It is important that all property should be marked clearly with child’s name.

Suppliers: All school uniform and bags should be purchased from:

Please click here for a brief guide video on how to shop on the Schoolblazer website.

Please click here for information on FREE UK P&P from 6th July - 19th July 2020.

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