Abbey Gate College Chapel Choir Perform at Two Magnificent Cathedrals

In July, the 40 strong Abbey Gate College Chapel Choir undertook a five-day tour of the West Midlands.

The tour began with Evensong in Worcester Cathedral and a performance of George Dyson's 'Evening Service in F' during which Anna Kinnear (Year 11) and Henry Smith (L6) both sang solos with confidence and clarity. 

The group then travelled to Coventry to perform at services in the unique Cathedral. The repertoire included 'Lord there are Times', a piece written especially for the Chapel Choir by Geoffrey Nobes and Elgar's 'Give unto the Lord'.

The Choir also had the opportunity to experience the amazing acoustics in the Lady Chapel of Coventry Cathedral when they gave an impromptu performance of Tallis' 'If Ye Love Me' and an acapella version of 'I was Glad!'

Head of Music, Mr Andrews said: "It was a privilege to perform at two such magnificent Cathedrals. In particular, the children were amazed by the acoustics and architecture of Coventry Cathedral, and the amazing palpable sense of history in the place."

Published: Wednesday, 11th September 2019