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An A Level in Mathematics demonstrates a level of intelligence and sharpness of mind that will be attractive to both employers and universities. The subject is engaging and challenging and you will enjoy the sense of achievement of modelling and solving complex problems. Mathematics A level is also an excellent support of subjects such as Geography, Physics, Biology, Business and Psychology.


Lower Sixth Edexcel AS Mathematics provides a broad foundation in Pure (or Core) Mathematics methods, alongside the study of Statistics. The course is comprised of 3 equally weighted modules - which are as follows:

Core 1 – includes algebra, geometry, arithmetic sequences, differentiation and integration.
Core 2 – includes trigonometry, exponentials and logarithms, further calculus, and geometric sequences.
Statistics 1 – includes probability, correlation and regression, discrete random variables and normal distribution.

Upper Sixth Edexcel A2 Mathematics provides a continuation in Pure (or Core) Mathematics alongside the study of Mechanics. The marks from AS are used towards the overall grade at A2. The A2 course is comprised of 3 further modules carrying equal weight – which are as follows:

Core 3 – includes further trigonometry, functions and further calculus.
Core 4 – includes differential equations, integration and vectors.
Mechanics 1 – equations of motion, forces, vectors and moments. 

Educational visits and extra curricular activity

The department provides a number of opportunities for students to extend their learning beyond the specifications. They are encouraged to participate in the Senior Maths Challenge and Senior Team Challenge events. They are invited to attend the innovative Maths Inspiration lectures and other similar events at local universities to inspire their mathematical imaginations and extend their understanding of how mathematics is applied in a variety of real world contexts. Mathematics will require a diligent approach to studies as each unit builds on earlier work and requires the mastery of new techniques. Students are expected to have obtained grades A*, A or B at GCSE.

Rooms and resources

The department’s teaching is predominantly based in three rooms, all equipped with interactive whiteboards, student mini-whiteboards and classroom activity files. The department subscribes to a variety of websites to support the teaching and learning of Mathematics which are accessible to all students both in college and at home.

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