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From smartphones and WIFI, to hashtags and instant messaging: over the last 20 years, technology has dramatically changed the way in which we live and communicate. Does your interest in technology extend beyond the hardware? Are you curious about how the digital information is spread? Maybe you just want to know more about computers and how, when & why people use them. If so, ICT could be the course for you. GCE ICT encourages you to become discerning users of ICT. It allows you to develop a broad range of higher order skills, knowledge and understanding in information handling, computer use and computer related technology. The focus is equally divided into practical skills and theory knowledge. This course provides a suitable qualification to progress on to study ICT and related courses at University or go into full time employment. It leads to career opportunities within a wide variety of ICT fields including networking, applications and systems analysis.


ICT Curriculum

Pupils currently follow the WJEC syllabus which is set to finish running at the end of 2018.

Lower Sixth:

Unit 1 - Information Systems Written Paper 2hrs & 15 mins (30%).

The paper is split into 2 sections. Section A focuses in detail on information & data, characteristics of software, spreadsheet & database concepts and the role and uses & impact of ICT—legal, moral and social issues. For section B, students are required to prepare a spreadsheet which is used to answer questions. Screenshots of the spreadsheet are submitted with the completed examination paper.

Unit 2 - Presenting Information Tasks. (20%)

Students complete a number of tasks using communication software packages such as DTP, PowerPoint and Word based around a company chosen by the student.


Upper Sixth:

Unit 3 - Use & Impact of ICT (30%) This unit focuses in detail on the System life cycle, how to implement new systems, networks & communication and the implications of ICT.

Unit 4 - ICT Project—Relational Databases (20%) This project will require candidates to identity and research a realistic problem for a real end-user and develop an information system for them. This is normally a database system. Stages of the project focus on the System life cycle.

Educational visits and extra curricular activity

An ICT/Computing club is available at lunch time for students to build on and enhance their ICT/Computing skills.

Rooms and resources

The department has three ICT suites. All the rooms have interactive whiteboards and multimedia projector, laser printers, scanners, DVD and audio equipment.

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