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In Home Economics pupils will learn about multiple aspects of food, from nutrition through to planning and creating recipes in a specialist practical environment.

Aims of Department;

  • To encourage originality and creativity with reference to menu planning and recipes, taking into account the main problems with the diet of many young people today.
  • To develop an awareness of safety and hygiene with special reference to accidents and food hygiene in the home, in shops and catering establishments.
  • To develop an awareness of food eaten by many multicultural groups and also food intolerance, likes and dislikes.


The curriculum covered in Home Economics is as follows: 

Year 7

A general introduction to the subject of Home Economics includes hygiene, health and safety regulations and the correct use of cookers. A general quiz enables pupils to grasp the basis of nutrients and a variety of recipes are made from cup cakes to pizza.

Year 8

Pupils build on the knowledge learnt on Year 7 and research the need for nutrients by different age groups and food production on a large scale. Practical work moves from pastry making, short crust and flaky to Bolognese sauce.

Year 9

The importance of the main foods in the diet – milk, cheese, eggs, meat, fish and wheat and dietary intolerance of these foods. Eating disorders are also investigated. A variety of recipes are covered building on the basis of the skills learnt in Years 7 & 8.

Home Economics is taught in a specialist room with a wide variety of equipment available which is required for the relevant practical work undertaken. Text books, recipe books and ICT is available to help with the learning process in the theory lessons.

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