Students Shine at the Annual Variety Performance in aid of trn charity!

Variety means the quality or state of being different or diverse; the absence of uniformity or monotony and this aptly described what was on offer on 8th March in Abbey Gate College's Annual Variety Performance!

Despite many acts having never performed in public before, the audience were wowwed by ballet, singing, magic, acting, ensembles and musical performances. Many pupils also managed to incorporate humour into their act or evoke indescribable emotions to the members  of the audience. Tears of joy were shed and a real buzz was felt from start to finish.

The show has become a highlight in the Abbey Gate College calendar and one where new and hidden talent is discovered and get to see our pupils in a whole new light. The variety show enables pupils to express themselves in their own unique way, to build confidence by sharing their passion and to meet new friends with shared talents and interests.

The overall organisation was lead this year by Heather Churchill-Evans, Head Girl, who incorporated pupils from Year 5 up  to Year 13 and even managed time to put on two sterling performances herself! 

Head of Music Mr Andrews was instrumental in the light and sound with the help of Luke and Carter Parry. The evening was introduced by John Muir who managed to both entertain and inform. Staff were also involved helping setting up and on the night and the collaborative acts saw some dancing staff! We were entertained also by the Saighton Syncopators, our very own AGC Jazz Band.

Published: Monday, 11th March 2019