Pupils Achieve Bronze CREST Award

Elliot Cleary and Solomon Ward (Year 9) have recently been awarded Bronze CREST Awards. CREST is a nationally recognised scheme for student-led project work in the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths). CREST gives young people the chance to choose their own subject and methodology when completing their hands-on investigation.

Both boys did over 15 hours of research investigating the chemical properties of household chemicals and foodstuffs with a view to designing a working battery. Using the College’s data logging hardware Elliot and Sol carried out a series of experiments at home analysing their results by trialling new software.

As a result of their findings the Science department decided to purchase the new software for the benefit of all pupils when carrying out similar experiments in lessons.

The boys showed excellent research and presentation skills and were commended on the clarity of their findings.

Published: Friday, 14th September 2018