National Schools Showjumping County Championships

On the 21st and 22nd April, a team represented the College at the National Schools Showjumping County Championships in Buckinghamshire.

After a great start on Friday afternoon in the 70cm warm up class, Mollie Pickering and Jodie Bennett went clear and Isodore Ramsey Smith had an unlucky pole so only 4 faults. The girls looked after their ponies and settled them in their overnight stables in readyness for an early start, the next day. An early coursewalk at 7.30am for the first round of the 70cm followed by a second coursewalk indoors for round two before the first round had been ridden caused confusion for Mollie who unfortunately got eliminated by missing out a jump. This meant the team were then out of contention as all three scores were needed to count but Jodie and Isodore both did two lovely double clears in rounds one and two of the 70cm class which gave them great confidence for the 80cm class later in the day.  

As a team we regrouped and put the morning behind us and focused on the afternoon competition, after all we were in the minority of schools that had qualified for more than one class, so we had another chance to try to win. 

With a better running order, allowing us greater time to walk the two courses and study the opposition, the competition was now on...

With only 4 faults for Mollie in round one and two clears for Jodie and Isodore, Abbey Gate College Equestrian Team were in a great place for round two.  The heat was on, the jumps grew stilts and the girls had to ride every moment of every jump for their final round against the clock. With Mollie picking herself up and doing an amazing clear round, Jodie having two unlucky poles, incurring 8 faults and Isodore doing another super clear round the girls awaited their scores. The team were not quick enough against the clock to bring home any prizes, but what a fabulous experience and learning curve Bury Farm National Schools Championships had been. Considering we were a team of only three and not four we did extremely well. Well done girls!

Published: Thursday, 27th April 2017