College Fundraising for All-Weather Pitch to Fulfil 'Sporting Vision'

Abbey Gate College has announced that an all-weather pitch will be built at the Saighton site by Spring 2018 as part of its ‘sporting vision’ for the future of its pupils and the local community.

The school completed phase one of the vision in June 2016 with the development of a Sports and Teaching Pavilion, which includes changing rooms, a fully equipped gym and training room.

The all-weather pitch will be a state of the art pitch, complete with flood lighting and suitable for a variety of sports including hockey, tennis and football training amongst others.

The pitch will significantly increase the time the pupils will be able to devote to play sport, practise skills and participate in competitive fixtures. And it’s not just the pupils that will benefit from the new facilities.

Headmistress Tracy Pollard said: “There is a real need for accessible sporting facilities in the local area and our aim is to be able to invite local people in the local community via their schools or sports clubs to use the facilities.

“The addition of an all-weather pitch to our existing facilities will truly enable us to turn our vision into a reality -  to provide outstanding sporting opportunities for everyone today and for many generations to come.”

For more information, watch the fundraising video or click here to donate.

Published: Thursday, 1st June 2017