All Pupils Take Part in Marathon Challenge for All-Weather Pitch Fundraising

The Senior and Junior School far exceeded expectations over a 90 minute marathon challenge on the 19th June to raise funds for the all-weather pitch at Abbey Gate College. The target of running to the Olympic stadium and back a distance of 404 miles was easily reached as the whole school ran 1019 miles in total.

It was a fantastic sight to see all pupils engaged and enjoying the afternoon no matter what their own level of fitness and ability was.

Junior school children alone amassed 288 miles and many Senior pupils ran steadily throughout the afternoon to run over 10,000 metres; equivalent to 6.2 miles. Al pupils were sponsored generously and the final total exceeded £5,000!

Well done to all pupils and staff who motivated each other towards providing farther exciting opportunities to be more active in the near future as the all-weather pitch is installed. 

Published: Thursday, 29th June 2017