AJIS Indoor Athletics at Robin Park, Wigan

What a full on day this always turns out to be.  Considering the high percentage of our year 5 and 6 pupils that took part, we performed magnificently against some very big schools!  In all, 30+ schools were present, making it the most well attended for many years.

Behaviour was a credit to our pupils, whilst being a challenge to some from others schools. We made noise - lots of noise - when supporting our team mates, and even friends from other schools!

Of the 39 events that we took part in, a third finished in the top 10! Four of those were in the top 5, with Ellie Gillespie receiving a bronze medal for her efforts in the Speed Bounce!

It was the perfect start to a very busy 2 weeks for sport, at the Infant and Junior School - bring it on!

Notable Results:

Ellie Gillespie 9th: Girl's 1 lap
Luca O'Keeffe 6th: Boy's 1 lap
Manuel Sanz 9th: Boy's 1 lap
Wils Bird 10th: Balance beam
William Trevor - Barnston 4th: Balance beam
Ellie Gillespie 3rd and Bronze Medal: Speed Bounce
Jack Leatherbarrow 8th: Javelin
Daisy Lawson 9th: Standing Triple Jump
Luca O'Keeffe 4th: Standing Triple Jump
Hugh Parry 6th: Standing Long Jump
James Churchill-Evans 6th: Vertical Jump
Ellie and Phoebe 4th: Paarlauf Relay
Hugh and Manuel 6th: Paarlauf Relay

Published: Thursday, 1st February 2018