Abbey Gate College Pupils Become Published Authors!

During the spring term, Abbey Gate College pupils from Infants to Key Stage 4 became published authors through the Amazon Young Storyteller project.

The project is a collaboration between Amazon and the National Literacy Trust, offering primary and secondary students in the UK the opportunity to have their work published in a book. The pilot was launched in January 2017, with over 30 schools from across the UK participating. Schools have produced books exploring a range of exciting themes, including memory, dystopian futures and faith, which highlights the creativity of young people across the nation.

We are very proud of Abbey Gate College’s Short Story and Poetry Anthology. The range of imaginative ideas is amazing, from stories about dragons and princesses, to space travel and life in the future, as well as dinosaurs.

This project has been extremely successful; it has motivated students to write, and improved their confidence. We look forward to publishing more creative writing from pupils in the future in our ‘2nd edition’!

You can purchase a copy of the book at, by searching for the book’s author: ‘Abbey Gate College Pupils’. A hard copy costs just £9.99 and the Kindle edition is £4.99.

Published: Friday, 26th May 2017