Our Enterprising Infants!


The pupils of Infant 1 and Infant 2 have been inspired by our successful enterprise scheme in the Sixth Form and have started their own special business down at Aldford. The children are making their own jam!

The scheme began with a group trip to Bellis Brothers Pick Your Own Farm in Holt. The children were given a guided tour of the farm and then they set about picking the juiciest, red strawberries they could find for their special Aldford jam. Accompanied by staff and parents, the children were able to purchase a huge mound of strawberries and left the farm with telltale red juice marks on their uniform!

The next day involved a trip to the Senior School where the Infant One children turned the lovely fresh strawberries into jam. They took part in every stage of the process, from washing the berries, weighing them and stirring the mixture. Once cool, they helped pour it into their prepared jars. Back at Aldford, the children designed their own labels for their jam and created posters to advertise their product. The delicious strawberry jam is now on sale and stocks are going fast! Mrs Williams has been so delighted with the success of the scheme, she is already planning new flavours in time for our Christmas Fair.jam