The Olympics come to Abbey Gate - well almost

The College held an ‘Olympic Themed Day’ before half term, with all the departments looking at the Games from their own individual perspective. 

Pupils throughout Years 7, 8 and 9 enjoyed a full range of activities (see the list below) and they will undoubtedly view the events of this summer from a different angle following this excellent cross curricular day.


Art - Y7 – Producing a sectioned and gridded face of an Olympic athlete using a variety of art and textile based media. 4 large scale pieces.






Biology - Pupils carried out a circus of 4 experiments that allowed them to find out their breathing rate, lung volume, peak flow, blood oxygen level and pulse rate.

Y8 pupils – tug-o-war contests.  The participating teams would be matched up by body mass and by sex.

Y7 & 8 Classroom Olympics involving cotton ball shot putt, giant step, paper plate discuss, straw javelin, find the mass race – a number of activities with an Olympic theme which involve measuring.

Chemistry - Chemical drug testing of urine (artificial!) samples.








Design Technology - How important it is to reward outstanding achievement and the Olympic medals.

English - Interactive lessons on sports commentating using YouTube.

Geography - Looking at a range of economic and social factors and how they affect a country’s performance in the medals table.

History - The Nazi Party and the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

Home Economics - Y7 – Cheesecake – dates back to ancient Greece - same time as first Olympic games.

ICT - KS3 pupils will be using Olympic data to learn how to/develop skills in creating graphs and charts using Microsoft Excel.

Learning Support - Incorporated Olympic themed work linked to key vocabulary and study skills.





Maths - Maths and Sport related questions & physical challenges in a treasure hunt format.

Modern Foreign Languages - Olympic symbols, olympic countries, olympic sports, olympic “heroes”.

Music - Learning some national anthems, researching the history of the words in the French National Anthem, writing and performing an anthem of their own.








 PE - Y7 - Race Walking Competition.



PHSE - Y8 – The Olympic Committee and its role in encouraging sporting involvement among children.

Religious Studies - Y8 & 9 – Competing countries, their religious beliefs, problems that they will have to overcome, religious rituals/food/dress etc.





Thank you to all of the staff for putting on an excellent day of activities and to the children for getting fully involved (as always).