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A day of firsts

I will not write too much tonight as I think that the day can best be summed up in the photos included within the blog - but to summarise, we left the hotel at 9am, returned at 6pm, suitably 'wowed' by some of the best scenery Iceland has to offer.  We then relaxed in the hotel pool before gathering for dinner.

The day started in Thingvellir, which is a very special place for all Icelandic people.  The area is the site of the world's first parliament (dating back to 930 AD) and is one of the very few places in the world where you can stand on a plate boundary.  We moved from North America to Europe within the space of minutes and it was a chance for the pupils to visit a place that previously had only ever been 'a line on a map'. 

Following this we travelled to Geysir, the place where the Strokkur Geysir erupts every 10 minutes or so (and usually when you have just turned your back or turned your camera off!!).

On the coach journey between sites, our guide, Halldor, regaled us with tales of the Icelandic Trolls and Elves, showed us where they live and on the way back to the hotel, even sang us a traditional Icelandic folk song.

Gulfoss waterfall was our next destination and the power and ferocity of the double drop waterfall amazed everyone.  On our last visit one of the pupils remarked that it was better than Niagara Falls! 

Kerid crater was our last stop and the pupils had the chance to walk down into the extinct (well we hoped it was) volcano.  A swim, dinner, review of the day and quiz will form the basis of tonight's activities before we do it all again tomorrow.