Pupil Blog

The land of Fire, Ice, Water and Sunshine!

At the time of writing (11.18pm Icelandic time), the sun has just set behind the mountains in the distance, creating a lovely orange glow - either that or the volcano has just erupted again. 

The pupils have just finished work for the evening and have now gone to bed, though with daylight still streaming through the curtains there could be some very tired eyes in the morning.  After a delay of about an hour at Manchester we set off for Iceland with spirits high and with more than a tinge of excitement.  A smooth take off, flight and landing was greeted with cheers and applause at Keflavik Airport (there's always one!) and we headed off for our relaxing Geothermal Spa at the Blue Lagoon.  After an hour and a half of wallowing and plastering faces and shoulders in mineral rich exfoliating mud, we emerged glowing and tanned (not fake tanned as some arrived at school!). 


A journey of about an hour brought us to the Hotel Ork, where, having dined and settled in, the pupils spent half an hour in the classroom followed by the ever popular quiz.  Tomorrow is a busy day - a Rift Valley, Geysir, Waterfall and volcanic crater form the backbone of the activities.  Hopefully the sun will continue to shine and we should be able to post some spectacular photos tomorrow.