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Year 2 Visit Bodelwyddan

As part of their topic of Dungeons & Dragons, Infant 2 visited Bodelwyddan Castle. Pupil, Annabel Kirk recalls the trip...

ANNIEOn Thursday 6th October, I2 went to visit Bodelwyddan Castle in North Wales. We went in and we got given a clipboard that had a fox quiz about the castle. You had to go round the castle and match things up on the sheet, I liked that. Then we saw the old toilet, it had drawers on the side of it and it was made out of wood. There was a lid and a hole in the middle and there was no door!


Next we went upstairs and went into the castle playroom. It was really good because we got to dress up and play with the different toys. One of my favourites was when you had to crawl under the table and push your head through a hole and it looked like there was a head coming out of the table. It was funny, people thought you had no body!


There were some wooden masks you could hold on your face and they looked scary. Also there were little shapes, you had to find the shapes that matched the marks on the tables and it ended up making a bird.
In the afternoon we saw the bedroom and the toilet in there looked much better, it had hinges so you could lift the lid up! Finally, we went out of the castle and into the park. We climbed on an old fashioned wooden train and it had a real bell. I thought that the trip was exciting.

By Annabel Kirk, age 6