Infant Department (Years 1 & 2)


In the Infant Department, the curriculum is developed and formalised whilst maintaining the experiential and exploratory side of learning. The small classes have a full time teacher and a teaching assistant is shared.


The curriculum is thematic with a different topic being the basis for learning each term. Some of the exciting topics covered during the Infants are Dungeons and Dragons, the World Kitchen, Pirates and the seaside. 

Skills of English, maths and science are further developed. Mathematical problem solving, spelling and reading are the key focus as well as the learning of cursive handwriting and ICT skills.

Both classes also receive a weekly lesson of French, drama, music and P.E from specialist teachers and visit the Senior School once a term for cookery in the Home Economics Department.

A range of extra curricular activities and a variety of trips and visits are available to the Infant pupils.

Offers to join either Infant class are made following an assessment that focuses on English, Maths and Reasoning as well as conduct.