Extra Curricular

Many trips and clubs available to all pupils

Visits and Trips

Visits and trips at Abbey Gate are regarded as an integral part of every child’s educational experience and enrichment. 

groupday1Within all Departments in the Senior School and classes at Aldford we believe that pupils learn more effectively and develop a wider range of skills and deeper knowledge when they have the opportunity to do so beyond the classroom.   The provision itself is broad, diverse and well planned throughout each school year for every pupil.  These opportunities include frequent theatre visits, field expeditions, both regional and overseas for history and geography, most recently including visits to Switzerland, Iceland, Snowdonia and the French WW1 battlefields; visits to London art galleries such as the Tate; active working days at local businesses; scientific trips to universities and hi-tech industries; sport tours to Edinburgh, York, Malta and Barcelona, Choir trips to Italy, Belgium and Westminster Abbey.  Adventurous and team building opportunities, all provide fantastic opportunities for young people at all stages of their education; seeing and experiencing their learning in action is undoubtedly a major benefit for all pupils.

Clubs and Societies

The College provides a range of opportunities for pupils to participate in lunchtime or after school clubs. 

scienceclub1The extra curricular timetable outlines those activities available this term and all pupils are encouraged to join in, whether it be on the sports field, in ICT, Young Engineers, Science Club or with music and drama.  There is an emphasis on participation as well competitiveness.  All pupils, regardless of ability, are welcomed in order to develop or improve upon a particular skill or area of interest or to become part of a College team or musical/drama group.